FutureYou Recruitment Improving the Candidate Experience

Improving the candidate experience

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Do you leave people wanting more?

When looking to hire in a high demand job market, it is a challenge to identify, engage and get 1:1 interaction with top talent.

It is so frustrating when from the outset, you strike up promising communication with a potential employee and they are then put through a lack lustre interview process. If meetings are drawn-out & next steps unclear, this is when we see far too many great candidates opt out and then join another organisation.

A recruitment process is a critical investment in everyone’s time and should be the absolute best experience possible for the candidate to be kept interested in exploring their next step in their career with you.

With so many opportunities to choose from, every interaction counts to have a shot at securing top talent.

Please watch the video for some tips and reach out to the FutureYou team if you would like to discuss your talent management needs.

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