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A new approach to Executive Search

Your culture and people set you apart. When hiring leaders, whether they be Board, C-suite or functional heads you need to attract and secure the best talent, who align to your vision and goals.

We value our role as ambassadors of your brand and culture. We ensure the experience and outcomes are of the highest quality with a transparent and collaborative approach.

We offer a culture diagnostic tool to provide insights on the current climate of your team. This then provides a clear view on what talent to attract and secure to be successful in your organisation.

We offer psychometric testing to ensure the best talent is identified against your specific requirements and data provided on how the individual will perform in your organisation.

We offer career transition coaching to ensure the talent you have secured transitions into their new role within your organisation. This ensures that retention and development are invested in from the outset.

Throughout the process of search and selection there will be weekly updates, with a long list to discuss and shortlist to agree. We will provide insights from the market on your own brand and employment value proposition.

All assignments will have our Managing Director, relevant Partner and Research Manager assigned to your Search.

Executive Search Capability

Non-Executive Director                             
Chief Executive Officer
CxO  (all C-level roles)
Managing Director
General Manager

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Please contact our Managing Director Emily Wilson at emilywilson@future-you.com.au

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