Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson
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Emily Wilson

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Born and educated in the UK, Emily has spent the past 20 years with leading global talent firms. Emily is a Co-Founder and Equity Partner of FutureYou.

During her career, Emily has consulted to Boards, CEOs, Managing Directors on talent management objectives, providing insight and advice on attraction, development, and retention strategies. Through her extensive network of C-suite contacts, Emily enables valuable connections at an executive level. Emily heads up FutureYou's Executive Search, Human Resources & FutureYou Talent Advisory Services.

Roles Emily recruits:

  • Board

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Operations Officer

  • Chief Data Officer

  • Chief Risk Officer

  • Chief Strategy Officer

  • Managing Director

  • General Manager

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • General Counsel

  • Chief Human Resource Officer

  • ​FutureYou found the perfect candidate and nearly one year from commencement both Steel Builders and the successful candidate are happy. The candidate has fitted into the role perfectly. From start to finish we found the process to be super easy with both Emily and Chris supportive of our needs.We have since used FutureYou for quite a few other roles at Steel Builders. The roles include a Head of Operations, an Accountant and a couple of Senior Account Managers.I have even used FutureYou at another business for recruiting of another senior role in that business.

    Steel Builders
    Steel Builders