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Open to being headhunted? Strategies to ensure your profile is recognisable and reachable

In the current employment world, getting proactively approached about a new role is a decidedly good thing. It is an indication that you are a leading professional in your field and that your emplo...

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8 strategies to ensure that money is not the only deciding factor to attract and retain talent

People are every company’s most critical asset. While this has always been true, as the demand for talent increases, never has it been more challenging to secure people who have so many options in ...

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30% of employers say their interview process is too long. Here’s the fix

What is the main barrier that is preventing employers from securing top talent?This is the exact question that we at FutureYou asked employers in a recent LinkedIn poll, and the answers were rather...

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Is physical etiquette being forgotten in our virtual world?

Remember when we used to believe that a first impression was formed in the first 30 seconds of a face-to-face meeting? For me, like most of us, a large part of my overall first impression was forme...

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How to win the war for talent in a candidate short market

After the most volatile and unpredictable times, what is the state of the current talent market? Having had to make tough decisions to reduce headcount to cut cost and survive, many businesses are ...

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How are employees feeling valued? Don't wait until the resignation conversation to find out…

“I’m moving on,” a key employee says, as they hand in their resignation.It is highly likely that you do not want to lose the individual and that you do not have a back-up plan. You have a couple of...

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Fy Talent Magnet

Are your leaders talent magnets? 6 traits to look for...

Forward thinking organisations know that top talent chooses them as much as they choose top talent.Nothing has changed the way of working like the global pandemic and in such a short space of time....

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Walk like a (Wo)Man: How to pave the way for female talent

Coming out of the pandemic, let’s remind ourselves to keep diversity and inclusion front of mind to ensure a positive culture and a competitive advantage as reported by McKinsey.According to recent...

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Making bold & courageous decisions to keep businesses moving forward

With the Covid-19 pandemic showing little sign of abating, organisations, both large and small, are looking at an unknown future.Business leaders face making incredibly tough and brave decisions.An...

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How to remotely manage each personality type

“Office centricity is over” recently tweeted Tobi Lutke, founder and CEO of e-commerce store giant Shopify. And he’s pretty right. The Covid-19 pandemic propelled working-from-home (WFH) from a nic...

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Pandemic resilience: How Australia’s manufacturing sector & industrial development can survive coronavirus disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disarray in just about every corner of society, including Australia’s industrial sphere. Both the manufacturing sector and the industrial real estate market have ra...

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Wellbeing through COVID

Managing our individual wellbeing through COVID-19 and beyond

During the course of the COVID-19 lockdown, I have spoken to many lawyers of all levels about how they are managing through this time. And regardless of whether they are at a top tier firm, a bouti...

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