A candidate's guide to assessing company culture

​Company culture, the invisible thread weaving together an organisation's values, work environment, and employee interactions, plays a critical role in your overall satisfaction and success. But he...

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Salary Negotiation Email Template

Writing an effective salary negotiation email

​Imagine this: you've aced the interview, your skills aligned with the job description, and the company culture feels like a perfect fit. Then comes the offer letter... the excitement is bubbling o...

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Copy Of Future You Website Blog Cover Photos

Regaining the Commercial Edge | Video & Summary

​​​What are businesses doing to regain commercial edge?It starts with a positive mindset and having a healthy relationship with adversity. Seeing adversity as an opportunity to learn, grow and impr...

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Harvard Resume Words

Power up your resume with harvard approved words

​A guide written and published by Harvard University's career services department shed light on the power of language selection. Recruiters scan hundreds of resumes daily, and the language you use ...

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Mastering the "weakness" question in an interview

The dreaded "What's your greatest weakness?" question is a staple of job interviews, often leaving candidates feeling unprepared and unsure of the "right" answer. By understanding the psychology be...

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Australian Internships Blog

Australian internships: A stepping stone to success

​The Australian job market is brimming with opportunities and challenges for both aspiring professionals and established organisations. Graduates often face the hurdle of bridging the gap between t...

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Before You Resign

A candid chat about resigning the right way

Career crossroads present both excitement and trepidation. When frustration brews and greener pastures beckon, the urge to tender your resignation can be overwhelming. However, before impulsively h...

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Star Technique

Mastering the STAR Technique in an interview

​ Congratulations! You've landed the interview for the perfect role. Now it's time to effectively showcase your skills and leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager. But how do you translate...

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University Degree

What you study & what it means for your career in 2024

​Choosing a degree is a pivotal decision, often laden with the pressure of securing a stable and fulfilling career. But in today's rapidly evolving landscape, does what you study truly dictate your...

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Data&Ai Blog Cover

Webinar video | Data & AI to unlock value in your organisation

​AI is becoming a prominent part of how we operate. How can we understand it more, utilise it in the right areas, and make it work for our businesses to thrive?With AI leading us to our future, for...

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Australian Jargon

Decoding the lingo: Australian corporate jargon explained

In a workplace as diverse as Australia's, effective communication is crucial. The jargon used in corporate settings can be a significant barrier, especially for those from different backgrounds. To...

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Australia's contractor workforce in a competitive market

​In the ever-evolving landscape of Australia's contractor workforce, employers play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining top talent. As we delve into the intricacies of this dynamic environme...

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