Australian Internships Blog

Australian Internships: A Stepping Stone to Success

​The Australian job market is brimming with opportunities and challenges for both aspiring professionals and established organisations. Graduates often face the hurdle of bridging the gap between t...

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Star Technique

Mastering the STAR Technique in an interview

​ Congratulations! You've landed the interview for the perfect role. Now it's time to effectively showcase your skills and leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager. But how do you translate...

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Before You Resign

A candid chat about resigning the right way

Career crossroads present both excitement and trepidation. When frustration brews and greener pastures beckon, the urge to tender your resignation can be overwhelming. However, before impulsively h...

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University Degree

What you study & what it means for your career in 2024

​Choosing a degree is a pivotal decision, often laden with the pressure of securing a stable and fulfilling career. But in today's rapidly evolving landscape, does what you study truly dictate your...

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Australian Jargon

Decoding the lingo: Australian corporate jargon explained

In a workplace as diverse as Australia's, effective communication is crucial. The jargon used in corporate settings can be a significant barrier, especially for those from different backgrounds. To...

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​Navigating Feedback: How to effectively communicate with your line manager

Navigating the waters of providing feedback or raising an issue with your line manager can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, when approached with tact, empathy, and clarity, these conversations...

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Future You Blog Men Shorts Office

The Great Debate: Are shorts acceptable work attire?

​The evolution of men’s workplace attire has been significant, shifting dramatically from the stiff, formal ensembles of the early 20th century to the diverse expressions of professionalism we obse...

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Digital Nomadism

Digital nomadism: considerations for employees and employers

​In a world where 'work' no longer has to be synonymous with 'a specific place,' the dream of becoming a digital nomad is more attainable. Aspiring nomads have a universe of possibilities, where tr...

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Decline Job Offer

The art of graceful decline: how to professionally turn down a job offer

​As a seasoned Australian recruitment agency, we understand the importance of making the right career move. Often, this involves evaluating multiple job offers and making tough decisions. However, ...

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Future You Blog Personal Brand

How to build a personal brand in 5 steps

​As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s essential to build a personal brand that sets you apart from other candidates. A personal brand is how you present yourself to the world, a...

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Smart Casual Dress

What is smart casual dress in the workplace?

​What is ‘smart casual dress’? This is a very common question among job seekers entering the workplace for the first time, and seasoned professionals jumping into a new industry. Times have certain...

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Unlocking the Secrets to Successfully Asking for a Pay Raise

​In today’s competitive job market, it's natural for hard-working professionals to seek higher compensation for their contributions. However, many people find the process of asking for a pay raise ...

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