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Decoding the lingo: Australian corporate jargon explained

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In a workplace as diverse as Australia's, effective communication is crucial. The jargon used in corporate settings can be a significant barrier, especially for those from different backgrounds. To bridge this gap and foster inclusive communication, we've compiled a list of 12 common corporate jargons frequently used in the Australian workplace. Whether you're an immigrant navigating the nuances of a new work culture, part of a globally dispersed team, or straight out of uni and about to enter the corporate world, understanding these terms can empower you to engage more effectively and contribute meaningfully to the professional dialogue.

Blue Sky Thinking

Meaning: Creative, forward-thinking brainstorming without constraints.

Example: "Let's engage in some blue sky thinking for our upcoming marketing campaign and explore innovative ideas without worrying about budget constraints."


Meaning: The interaction of multiple elements that produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Example: "The merger between the two companies will create synergy, allowing us to leverage shared resources and enhance overall efficiency."

Low-Hanging Fruit

Meaning: Easy, achievable tasks or goals.

Example: "Let's focus on the low-hanging fruit first, such as streamlining our communication processes, before tackling more complex challenges."

Moving the Goalposts

Meaning: Changing the criteria or expectations for a task or project after it has already begun.

Example: "We were halfway through the project when they started moving the goalposts, requesting additional features that weren't initially part of the scope."

Deep Dive

Meaning: A thorough and comprehensive analysis or investigation.

Example: "We need to take a deep dive into the market trends to understand customer behaviour and make informed strategic decisions."

Circle Back

Meaning: To revisit or return to a topic at a later time.

Example: "I have a meeting now, but let's circle back this afternoon to discuss the project timeline in more detail."

Thought Leadership

Meaning: Establishing oneself as an authority or expert in a particular industry or field.

Example: "By publishing insightful articles and participating in industry conferences, our CEO has positioned the company as a thought leader in sustainable technologies."

Touch Base

Meaning: To briefly check in or communicate.

Example: "Let's touch base next week to review the project status and address any challenges the team might be facing."

Outside the Box

Meaning: Innovative and unconventional thinking.

Example: "We need to come up with outside-the-box solutions to differentiate ourselves in the market and stay ahead of the competition."

Win-Win Situation

Meaning: A scenario where all parties involved benefit.

Example: "Negotiating a fair deal will create a win-win situation for both our company and the potential business partner."


Meaning: To shift strategy or change direction, often in response to market changes or new insights.

Example: "Our initial marketing approach wasn't yielding the expected results, so we've decided to pivot and focus on a more targeted audience."

Take This Offline

Meaning: To discuss a topic or resolve an issue outside the current meeting, typically to avoid derailing the agenda.

Example: "I appreciate your input on this matter. Let's take this offline and schedule a separate meeting to delve into the details and find a resolution."

Close of Play

Meaning: The end of the workday or a specific timeframe for completing tasks.

Example: "Let's finalise the project proposal by close of play today so that we can submit it to the client tomorrow morning."

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Meaning: Quantifiable metrics used to evaluate the success of an individual, team, or organisation in achieving specific objectives.

Example: "Our KPIs for this quarter include increasing sales by 15% and reducing customer response time to less than 24 hours."

Chocka Block

Meaning: Extremely full or crowded; no room for additional items or people.

Example: "The schedule for next week is chocka block with meetings, so let's plan accordingly to manage our time efficiently."

Seek clarification

Understanding Aussie slang can help newcomers navigate the workplace with confidence. But remember, If you find yourself unfamiliar with a phrase, don't hesitate to seek clarification. Asking for clarification is not only acceptable but often encouraged in professional settings. It demonstrates your eagerness to understand and engage in effective communication. Consider reaching out to a colleague or supervisor for guidance, or wait for an appropriate moment in a meeting to ask for clarification. In many cases, colleagues will appreciate your initiative to grasp the nuances of the workplace language. Remember, it's better to seek understanding than to operate under misconceptions that may hinder your ability to contribute effectively. Embracing a culture of open communication fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

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