FutureYou Recruitment Embracing Side-Steppers

Embracing side-steppers

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More than ever we are having people express their desire to make the move into a new industry. This is why 2022 is the year to reassess what a ‘great’ employee looks like for your business.

When recruiting we have to really consider & define transferable skills. Even though a person may have no previous industry experience this maybe the exact reason they would choose your opportunity & stay for the long-term. We have to test & assess their abilities, attributes & behaviours to successfully transition & perform in the role.

Cross industry experience will add to your diverse culture, resulting in you being able to challenge the status quo and likely achieve better outcomes.

The same applies for existing employees. If they are wanting to jump into a new area, a plan should be put in place to support & develop them, retaining them for the mid to long-term.

Please watch the video above and reach out if you would like to discuss 2022 talent management strategies.

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