FutureYou Recruitment No one likes to be ghosted

No one likes to be ghosted

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Are you currently being ghosted?

Are you applying for positions directly and not hearing back?

How does that make you feel about the organisation?

Hiring managers, I wanted to share and give a friendly reminder that a guaranteed way to damage your employer brand is not to provide a professional experience when a job seeker is applying for a position with you.

This year more than ever emotions are heightened and the need to secure a new role may be greater than ever. Balancing the incredibly large volume of applications with the need to provide an experience that you would like to receive yourself is a challenge for any business.

3 simple tips to help give a great first impression:

1. Have adequate resources internally who have the time to dedicate to high volumes of applications & be able to respond & screen applications within a reasonable timeframe

2. Outsource the full recruitment process to a talent or search partner – ask your partners about their points of difference with candidate experience & process management

3. Engage a talent partner who is able to offer an unbundled service to manage job applications from start to shortlist

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts or finding out more, then we would love to hear from you. Please email us at info@future-you.com.au.

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