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Talent Mapping Consultation

Are you leaving top talent undiscovered?

The whole is the sum of its parts. What if you only ever look at 78% of the active and passive candidate market? What if the absolute perfect candidate is hiding in the remaining 22%?

This solution goes above a recruitment firm’s database, their network, their ability to get referrals, their ability to search globally, across social media accounts.

The key to this offerings success is our ability to listen to what you need – and then build the product for you; across any job type family, sector, industry, vertical, any local geography, and even internationally

The upcoming financial year is a critical time for strategic planning. But even the best plans can fall short with a limited view of your talent pool.

What You'll Gain:

Phase 1: Consultation

In-depth discussion with our talent mapping experts to understand your unique needs.

  • Identification of critical roles and skills for FY24-25.

  • Customised approach based on industry, location, and job type.

Phase 2: Ongoing Talent Mapping & Insights

Access to a comprehensive talent pool beyond traditional sources.

  • Real-time insights into market trends and competitor activity.

  • A continuously updated talent map, pinpointing the best candidates.

A look into what you'll receive as part of our service:

Don't settle for a partial picture. Make informed decisions about your most valuable asset - your people.

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