FutureYou Recruitment What is being missed in virtual meetings?

What is being missed in virtual meetings?

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Let’s keep the holiday zest going all year; New year, new glow. Make every interaction count.

Conversations where we are relaxed and able to approach with enthusiasm and energy enable us to really listen. This is one of the fundamental ways to build rapport & relationships.

The job market comeback continues with a positive start to the year with 50,000 jobs created in Australia last month alone.

More people are interested in making a career move than you may expect and more people having the choice of multiple job offers than you would expect. We can’t ever take for granted the fact that we all need to make great positive impressions in every interaction to leave people wanting more…

Conversations don’t need to be long but they need to be without distraction to really connect. This is a note to myself to not always rush and to keep my zest!

Myself and the amazing FutureYou team cannot wait to reconnect with you. 2021 let’s make the most of you.

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