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Many companies focus on product or service content, but a strong EVP, communicated through engaging content, attracts high-performing individuals who resonate with your company culture and are motivated by the proposed work environment and growth opportunities. By crafting specific content that highlights your EVP, you can not only win the war for talent but also foster a more engaged and productive workforce. It's a win-win for your employer brand and your bottom line.

FutureYou's EVP service unlocks the power of your company culture to attract and retain top talent. Our process goes beyond simply defining why you're a great place to work – we help you clearly and consistently communicate that message across all touchpoints.

The FutureYou EVP Advantage

​Our approach

We define your EVP strategy and then create compelling content to bring it to life.

​Data-driven insights

We don't guess! Our EVP strategy is built on a thorough evaluation of your current employer brand and employee sentiment.

​Expert guidance

Our team of talent management specialists will guide you through every step of the process.

FutureYou EVP Service Example

Every business is unique, and so should your EVP. Navigate through the below example of an end-to-end EVP service we have provided to a previous client.

Phase 1. Evaluation
  • Leadership & HR workshop:We'll delve into your company's purpose, vision & strategy, business goals, existing people strategy, and the prospective employee experience from job ad to the first two weeks.

  • In-depth staff interviews: We'll get to the heart of what makes your company a great place to work and identify areas for improvement.

  • Employee survey: We'll transform interview findings into a multiple-choice survey to validate insights at scale.

  • Detailed analysis & presentation: We'll analyse all data and present our findings, including key strengths and potential areas of growth for your EVP.

Phase 2. Strategy
    • EVP positioning statement: A clear and concise articulation of what makes your company unique.

    • Benefit recommendations: Highlighting the most attractive benefits for your ideal candidates.

    • Culture description: Capturing the essence of your company culture.

    • Job ad recommendations: Ensuring your job postings accurately reflect your EVP.

    • Careers page recommendations: Optimising your careers page to attract the right talent.

Phase 3. EVP Content Asset Creation
  • Careers page design & copywriting: We'll create a visually appealing and informative careers page that showcases your EVP.

  • Staff spotlight videos: On-site video profiles of employees that bring your company culture to life.

  • Employer benefits brochure: A comprehensive overview of your employee benefits, including Learning & Development and mobility opportunities.

  • CEO video on values & culture: A message from the top highlighting your company's values and cultural identity.

  • LinkedIn career page creation/optimisation: We'll create or optimise your LinkedIn careers page to attract talent on the world's leading professional network.

  • New employee engagement email sequence: Onboarding emails that welcome new hires and reinforce your company culture.

  • Staff FAQ's: A resource addressing common employee questions about your company and its culture.

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