Executive Program

Diversity of thought: Preparing for the boardrooms of tomorrow.

The FutureYou Advisory's Executive Program is a monthly leadership development program that puts delegates in front of world-leading c-suite, thought leaders, speakers and presenters in an intimate, like-minded and non-competitive environment. Designed around boardroom conversation of today and the conversation that will take place in the future, this challenging, thought-provoking program will help executives solve business problems in a safe and high calibre environment. 

Membership benefits.

  • 12-month program
  • 10 scheduled formal half-day meetings
  • 10 external subject matter expert speakers
  • 2 social events
  • Guidance from an experienced and  independent Chair 
  • Access to skilled, specialist speakers delivering insights on key issues facing leaders
  • Diversity of industry and role knowledge to enrich the conversation, debate and learning environment
  • A trusted group of peers providing a sounding board to professional and personal challenges

Your Chair.

Each syndicate Chair is an inspiring and accomplished C-level professional who will personally guide your progress throughout the 12-month program. 
Group Chairs are chosen for their diverse experience, their networks, and their ability to share candid advice to each member as they work through professional challenges, and their suitability to the specific needs of each group. 
Your Chair is responsible for ensuring session discussions remain focused, on topic and outcome-driven.

A selection of expert speakers.

Open discussion.

Trust is a principle of leadership; diversity of thought is equally where today’s best leaders gain the greatest advantage in business. Your syndicate group will come from various non-competing businesses sectors, and will all share similar aspirations to you. 
In the interests of openness, sharing and therefore personal development, each open discussion is founded upon the conventions of Chatham House Rules and you will be asked to bring current real-life business issues to the table. 
Your Chair will then coordinate a round table discussion and encourage your peers to bring their own personal experiences, individual understanding, advice and exposure to your issue – thus in turn offering guidance and direction for you to navigate, and ultimately solve, the challenge in front of you.

Session overview.

The current cohort is made up of 10-12 high calibre executives, chaired by former David Jones CEO and current Global Retail Advisor PwC Paul Zahra

Places on the 2019 Sydney syndicate are now open for application.  Please enquire via email or the brochure below.  

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