Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker
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Matthew Walker

Principal Partner, Manufacturing & Operations

Matt has over 15 years of international recruitment experience focused on middle and senior leadership roles across Manufacturing operations. Matt has recruited for some of the world’s biggest names in Manufacturing (General Electric, Rolls Royce, Caterpillar, Siemens, etc) and performs contingent and search and selection campaigns.

For over a decade, Matt has specialised in recruiting middle and senior management roles within Engineering & Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics environments in various locations across the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Backed by a decade’s technical understanding of safety-critical manufacturing, Matt makes it his business to add value to his clients’ recruitment processes through his thoroughly engaged, pro-active and above all mindful approach to recruitment.

He manages FutureYou’s Manufacturing & Operations and Supply Chain & Logistics team in New South Wales, where he performs predominantly search & selection campaigns, but also covers contingent processes.

Roles Matt recuits:

Support roles
  • Shift Manager

  • Shift Leader

  • Quality Engineer

  • Maintenance Engineer

  • OPEX

Middle Management roles
  • Production Manager

  • Manufacturing Manager

  • Engineering Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • OPEX Manager

Senior roles
  • Plant Director

  • Operations Manager

  • Head of Production/Manufacturing

  • ​I have recently had the pleasure to work with Matt as a candidate for a Site Manager position in New South Wales. Matt is a very dynamic recruiter who is taking HR into a higher level of performance. He is always available, upfront, transparent and provides continuous feedback at any stage of the process. Furthermore, Matt is very proactive and leads the interaction between the company and the candidate, always looking for a win-win scenarios on both sides. His experience and skills on Engineering and Manufacturing are supporting the robustness of the process. Matt understands what Manufacturing Companies are looking for. I would recommend Matt to any companies and candidates who would like to experience a new, dynamic and fresh HR recruitment style where objectives are delivered outstandingly for all the involved parties.

    Angel Peral
    Angel Peral
  • ​I had the pleasure of working with Matt recently when he helped place me in a new role for his client. Matt was helpful and accommodating throughout the process and completely open and honest about the company and position. Crucially, Matt demonstrated he knows his clients well and understands the type of candidate they are looking for. 

    Daniel O'Connor
    Daniel O'Connor , Autopak