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Data is everywhere and in today’s business environment, Data is everything. Fuelled by the unrelenting force of technology, your industry – and your business – remain exposed to disruption. It is only through dedicated Data and Analytics specialists that the innovation causing the disruption, can be yours.

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One of the biggest challenges, and therefore opportunities, facing technology teams today is not technology itself, rather it’s the dramatic change in how Technology sits across a business and the relevant information therein to be interpreted and utilised; this is why dedicated Data & Analytics professionals are in demand. The more Tech teams shift gears toward becoming the solvers of business objectives and revenue growers, as opposed to merely maintaining any system’s operations, the more D&A professionals becomes vital team members. 

With this in mind, we established a specialist function for BI, Data & Analytics and we support digital transformation across Cloud and the emerging world of data engineering, thereby ensuring we can support the building of open source Data Pipelines and advanced analytics into the future. View all our current Data & Analytics roles.

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