Vicky Winstanley

Business Development Manager, Supply Chain & Logisitcs

Since 2015, Vicky has been conscientiously advancing her skills in Business Development. Starting in London as a BD Associate within the Procurement and Supply Chain sector, Vicky’s systematic approach to her work saw her quickly advanced to Sales Analyst.

Through years of daily contact with leading industry professionals and via the exposure she had to advanced markets and organisations, Vicky gained the commercial expertise, resourcefulness and confidence to move toward the talent solution side of the industry she knows so well. Now, with two years’ experience in providing the right talent for the right company in Sydney’s Supply Chain & Logistics market, Vicky has grown and is still actively growing numerous healthy networks of industry professionals delighted to work with a Business Development Manager who is clear, precise, honest and above all exceptionally knowledgeable about this sector and its specific needs.