Richard Wynn

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Richard brings a wealth of leadership experience to our Advisory business; supporting and advising global, local, start-up, SME, private and listed companies over the past 18 years in terms of their talent and human capital strategies.  

Concentrating on the CEO and Board-level audience, Richard provides advice to companies on their organisational design, executive leadership development and cognitive evolution, whilst also building unique and bespoke curriculums to tackle significant periods of change, transformation and/or growth. Richard’s key focus is to uncover, listen and understand primarily what his clients are wanting to achieve before offering any advice strategically on how to deliver these goals through their people.  With his dedicated attitude to delivering outstanding service and results; Richard is qualified to advise businesses how to tackle the talent issues they are facing today, and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. 

Richard is a co-founder and equity partner in FutureYou.