Tyler Elliott is probably one of the more unique talent specialists you'll ever meet - especially in Architecture and Design. There aren't too many recruiters who have spent five plus years in the Australian Defence Forces. As part of the Overseas Business Operations team, communication, team work, dependability and focus were the hallmarks of every successful operation. These exact same hallmarks have defined his success as a talent speciaist. 

As a new member of the FutureYou team and the head of the new Architecture and Design practice in Melbourne, Tyler takes a few minutes to share some insights regarding his sector today. 

1. What’s driving the boom in Architecture and Design?

There is a buzz across the Architecture and Design market right now with a few factors driving it. No matter which city you look at, from Melbourne to Sydney there has never been so many cranes reaching across our skylines. 

Want to know how the Architecture and Design sector is doing? Look up!

Since 2013 there has been a 75% increase in the number of cranes erected into the skies of Melbourne. At last count there were 735 cranes across Australia; about 200 of those belong primarily to Victoria. 123 of those are in the CBD, Southbank and Docklands alone.

What’s driving it? The Architecture and Design market is hinged on four key factors; Banking & Lending, Supply & Demand, Governments and Investor markets. Each adding their own particular flavour and value to the ever-evolving market.

There’s a design ethicality in play today too. Digital media platforms have exposed us to the world’s latest designs and leading-edge ideologies, and frankly there’s no going back. Today, our more global mindset means it’s critically important to design with relevance and with the end user at the forefront of the design methodology.

Plus, we’re in the midst of a Commercial & Infrastructure boom! 

With the Vic State Government announcing further expansions of their Rail networks, and large corporations flocking to Melbourne, there’ll be no end to the growth any time soon.

2. With the changes in the current property market, what does this mean for the Architecture and Design industry?

No matter what news source you use it’s all doom and gloom for the property market, right? It’s crashing, it’s over, it’s tanking - I don't think so. 

Yes, the Property & Construction market within the Architecture and Design industries has softened, but in real-terms and real-talk, it needed to. With property and apartment prices previously soaring and foreign investors snapping up any readily available property, it was only a matter of time before it plateaued. But that’s not anywhere near a crash.

- What has changed is our lending institutions ability to finance.

- What has changed is that we have put caveats on foreign investment.

- What has changed is that buyers are seeking more for their hard-earned dollar.

- What has not changed is the need for forward thinking, talented individuals across the sector. 

I still, and forever will, seek out those Architects, or Graduate Architects that have good Revit/BIM capability, good client-facing skills and the ability to work autonomously. It’s these individuals that excite me - in truth they excite everyone. I’m excited when I place those key people into firms where they thrive and really come in to their own, where in short periods of time they’re running entire projects to completion. That’s a buzz.

3. Which roles are most in demand, why are they in demand and what is the industry doing to meet demands?

There is a massive demand for Architects and Project Architects who have both the ability and the experience of working within and running, large scale projects. 

This is largely due to the Government funding so many projects throughout Victoria.

While the Architecture and Design markets were expanding throughout 2016-2018, firms and studios took on candidates across all levels, especially those with Revit capability. The bulk of the work was for candidates with 12 months to five years’ experience. Unfortunately, this left some major gaps within studios who suddenly lacked the ability to develop and train their staff when that real mid-tier to senior person isn’t there. The studios are now feeling the pinch.

A majority of firms are still whispering into my ear to find them the candidate with a mix of skill, personality, charisma and talent.

4. What attracted you to FutureYou and what is your strategy around launching FutureYou Architecture & Design?

I believe we’re aligned ethically, and we share the same passion for, and interest in, a future-led business model.

With the lines between Architecture, Development and Project Management blurring and with the rise in Joint Ventures and large consortiums, it is paramount that my network has access to the very latest in opportunities and networking capabilities. FutureYou is giving me that.

Contact Tyler Elliott on LinkedIn, or email him directly here