As the new head of the HR practice at FutureYou Melbourne and the newest member of the larger Business Support team, consultant Sophie Roper takes five to share some insights. 

1. What’s been happening in the HR market?

There’s a lot going on, and our entire Business Support team is growing rapidly to meet the demand for a new breed of HR specialists. 

For one thing, I've seen more candidates available for immediate starts and temporary contracts. Melbourne sees a lot of highly-skilled working-holiday visa holders, these professionals are typically available to start immediately.

One-to-one EA positions are becoming less common. 

Increasingly, I'm seeing EA's supporting multiple managers as businesses look to cut costs and utilise staff more effectively. And that requires a certain speciality that not all EAs have. 

Because the HR market is so close-knit most of the HR candidates I have placed aren't actively looking across the market but will work with me discreetly on an exclusive basis.

2. Do you see a talent shortage within HR or Business Support candidates?

Applicants, no. Great talent... yes. Great talent will always be in shorter supply, which is why career recruiters like me spend years gradually building trusted networks. 

Employers are often surprised at the shortage of truly good-quality candidates because, although they get inundated with resumes when they post a job ad, the talent responding is generally weaker than anything a networked recruiter can offer. 

I'm proud of each and every one of the professionals in my network, most of whom I work with exclusively. From Talent Acquisition professionals, to C-suite Executive Assistants and HR Directors (especially industry specific candidates), there are such high levels of confidentiality at play with my passive network, that employers won’t see these high performing candidates applying for jobs online.

3. How are Online Talent Platforms affecting the Recruitment market?

Not in a negative way; they've become more of an industry-wide asset. The amount of tools we have access to today compared to five or ten years ago is phenomenal. Rather than employers relying solely on job postings or referrals, these various platforms and apps have dramatically reduced the time we spend on the various necessary processes. From targeted searches to video interviews, the recruitment process is faster, smoother, more accurate and more efficient than ever. 

I don’t see AI ever replacing recruiters, not entirely. Recruitment is about connecting with people on a meaningful level. 

Anyone trusting me with their career needs, absolutely deserves, one on one, person to person, human contact. 

I know FutureYou has invested substantially in technologies that give our clients and candidates the bestmost effective customer experience possible.

4. What attracted you to FutureYou?

I wanted to work within a business where people matter more than the pressure of a transaction, or a KPI weighing over my head. Here, we work to a flattened structure and everyone in the business brings a wealth of experience across local markets. Across the board we are encouraged to embrace a healthy work/life balance and there are initiatives in place to assist us with flexible (and fun!) working arrangements. 

It’s liberating working with such a knowledgeable team and being able to share ideas across the desks. 

As a Super Boutique we aren’t working across a few mere disciplines, nor an unwieldy 50+. Rather, we have ten disciplines across the Melbourne and Sydney businesses, none of which are siloed; we all help each other. 

It is my belief that the reason we are a growing agency is because of the level of care, trust and support we give our own people. It's the same CX our clients have come to expect from us. 

Connect with Sophie Roper today on LinkedIn, or send her an email to discuss working on her team or being forwarded for roles that aren't advertised. 

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