Welcome to Meet our Speakers: Dr Sandy Caspi Sable is one of ten specialist keynote speakers contributing to the learning and development of the delegates enrolled in FutureYou's Executive Program. As Co-founder and Partner of Chalk & Cheese Consulting, Sandy's expertise is in helping leaders build both diverse and inclusive organisations.

Here, the Executive Program's respected legal academic and business empowerer mounts a strong case for Diversity & Inclusion in the work place.

What is the commercial case for an effective Diversity and Inclusion strategy? 

"Companies that ignore the importance of diversity and inclusion do so at their peril. Their ability to thrive or even just survive in the kind of market conditions that we now find ourselves in, is severely limited. 

It's a high-risk strategy to ignore Diversity and Inclusion. 

There are some really solid commercial drivers to an organisation investing in an effective strategy and then making sure that they are mapping towards those strategic imperatives.

What we know from both empirical data here and overseas, and also anecdotal experience, is that when we're operating in the sort of volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world that we currently find ourselves in, our ability to innovate, to solve complex problems, to open up new target markets for customers and develop new products, new services, engage with diverse talent, is all going to be dependent on how well we can set up our own organisations with diverse talent internally, and with an inclusive culture that will enable us to leverage the value that diversity brings.

We also know that having people who think differently from each other and having an inclusive culture that enables us to actually listen to those different ideas to solve complex problems, will enhance our ability to mitigate risks: another really important platform for any company operating in this environment. 

So, the commercial case is really clear for having a robust Diversity and Inclusion strategy. 

Making sure that we have leaders within our organisations who have inclusive leadership capabilities and we have teams that understand how they need to operate inclusively. Because it won't happen naturally. 

In fact, our very kind of tribal nature, or affinity bias, or similarity bias, as it's sometimes referred to, will get in the way of us being able to naturally appreciate the value that difference brings us. 

We need to overcome that instinct if we're going to leverage the benefit of having a diverse population of people to contribute to the way that we've got that our business and that's where inclusion and inclusive leadership capability come into play if we want to then be able to reap the rewards that the evidence suggests are there for us, if we get it right.

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