Strictly speaking, Juliette Economo isn’t a leadership coach. However, what makes her a great leadership coach is what makes her a great life coach, which is what makes her an award-winning mentor. It's the traits and qualities of an emotionally intelligent leader who understands the bigger picture and connectedness between work and life. It’s because she appreciates her own challenges as a professional and as a parent.

Executive coaching and parenting

A conversation with Emily Wilson about developing resilience in leaders led Juliette to discuss her efforts to instil this leadership quality in her own children; the need to develop it in all children, especially in today’s climate. A correlation was easily drawn between hard work, discipline and gratitude as the building blocks of resilience, regardless of age.

An admirable executive, leader, mentor and mother, Juliette’s further perspectives on the importance of gratitude is one of her finest assets. It was her work as a mentor and women’s advocate in the construction space that saw her win the NAWIC Business Woman of the Year 2017. 

Please enjoy part three of this three-part conversation with Juliette Economo, Director of Commercial Services, Roads and Maritime Services.

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Leadership coaching video transcribe begins - Part 2: relationships, exhaustion and authenticity


Emily: I recently caught up with Juliette Economo, who's a director of commercial services for Roads & Maritime.

I really loved talking to Juliette, there are so many moments like the one you're about to see here when we start talking about building resilience and she pulls the golden thread through all the things that are important in regards to discipline, learning, building good practices... and she relates it to work and her kids. She discusses gratitude...  so let's hear Juliette explain.

Juliette: Great question. It's hard, isn't it?

I'm constantly looking at how to do that with my kids...because, gosh, do they need some resilience!

Emily: Doing what you do, the inspirational point of view - You're getting up every day, fitting everything in, and I mean that is HUGE in itself... isn't it?

Juliette: It's hard. It is hard work.

Emily: Yeah, but for them to see it tho, and for that to be their norm.

Juliette: And that's the thing, you know, having to constantly say to them, you know what, this didn't it happen by accident. It's a lot of hard work and it's the stuff that happens late at night: I'm reading and doing stuff, trying to learn constantly. And everything starts at a young age...

You've got to get to those really good habits early in order to foster that discipline. So it's it's a tough one, I think, to teach our kids. Because, especially at the moment, kids are used to getting everything so quickly it's just a swipe of an iPhone or whatever it is. It is, it's frustrating.

But we've got to teach them that hard work is integral to success.

Emily: Even when we were talking earlier, and I love the fact they used the word 'discipline', you were saying about your daughter singing in the choir tonight.  Because, actually, whether it is singing or dancing, it is... I mean I don't know the percent, but it must be like 90% of the time, you're practising, training, practising, training, practising...and then you do ONE show or ONE exam a year.

Juliette: That's it.

Emily: That's discipline isn't it?

Juliette: It is, absolutely!

Emily: Which in work, you know, I'm sure when you won the award you didn't do everything to 'win' an award. It was the discipline, the hard work,  the discipline, the hard work... and that's what it resulted in.

Juliette: That's it, yeah, yeah.

And also just simple things, like being able to show your kids the result of the hard work. Everything that we do culminates in us having the lifestyle that we have, and to be grateful for what you have because there are people out there who have so much less, who are really going through some hard times, so we're really lucky to be in the position that we're in, and just very privileged, actually, to be in this amazing country, with an economy that operates the way it does and the opportunities that we have. There are people out there who just never get that, who never get those chances.

But you've got to be able to every now and then just stop... Just stop and smell the roses. 

Actually appreciate what you've got. Appreciate what all the hard work that you've put in so far is bringing you and your family and your friends.

Emily: Yeah that's brilliant advice.

Juliette: Because otherwise, you're constantly...

Emily: You always want more.

Juliette:  Yeah the more you have the more you want. Yes. And that's the terrible thing!

Emily: What I love about Juliette's leadership style is how grounded it is and totally un-embellished It's very clear to me - and hope it has come across to you that her brand of leadership is akin to being a steward of people's careers, or a custodian of their well-being, which is absolutely what this leadership series is all about.

So thank you, Juliette!


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