For the second year in a row, we were shortlisted for LinkedIn’s Top 25 Most Socially Engaged recruitment agencies ANZ. Last night, with only two and a half years in play, we cleared a field of heritage recruitment brands to claim 3rd place for 2018.  

The award is calculated by LinkedIn's Insights Team, based on quality, reach and engagement, or in lay terms, it's awarded for the value a recruiter's content offers its audience and the effectiveness of the company's recruiters on the LinkedIn platform. 

How did we get here?

The marketing team decided very early in the company's genesis that it would never produce common, uninspiring or complacent content. Client insights indicated that the market possessed a higher level of media sophistication and as such, the content created would endeavour to compliment this mindset. 

The content would also need to reflect the values of the company; to challenge the status quo, to focus on our customers, to have our own voice, for the greater good, because life's too short.

As a company built on relationships, not transactions, the content too would be focused on relationships, on building trust, on changing people's expectations on what they can, and should, expect from a professional recruiter in this day and age.  

Even hiring for the small marketing team required some out of the box thinking. Instead of poaching professionals from the recruitment industry, people who 'knew' the industry, the founders set about bringing in expertise from ad, media and production agencies. The thinking that these professionals would contribute would further underscore FutureYou's values and its determination to do things differently, right down to the core.

From nervous smiles to jubilance.

The fourth-place nod we received in 2017 from LinkedIn was a welcome accolade for us that suggested we were on the right path. As the top ten companies' names were being read out last night we noticed a big shift in placings compared to the year before. It seemed many of the previous year's top five had either dropped lower or were out of the top ten entirely. Conversely, many companies who made this year's top ten were introduced as previously ranking in 18th, or 22nd or not at all. 

As the MC reached the top three, requesting these companies join him on stage to receive their trophy, our marketing team was anxious that their strategy for 2018 had potentially missed the mark. 

It was with lips bit and breath held that the marketing team listened to the host's preamble about the top three recruitment companies. 

The drum roll started, 'in third place...'. Our logo blinked to life on the giant screen as our name rang out across the room, quite possibly accompanied by an audible sigh of relief. Joining hands and beaming proudly, the marketing team walked to the podium to accept the award, shake hands and grin for photos. 

The relief was less about winning and more about the validation for who we understand our market to be.

Smart, motivated, diverse, empathetic individuals eager to engage when offered relevant, quality content. But above all, a validation of our ethos for treating all of our contacts as humans first and foremost; not job seekers, not career professionals or isolated parts of a being to be put in boxes, but an entire complex person that deserves acknowledgement and respect. 

That is who we think of for everything we conceive, produce and publish. Whether it's a blog, a video, a podcast, thought leadership, practice specific, original or shared content, it's content that matters to people because people matter to us. This runs throughout our entire company. 

This is what we're actually proud of. A great company that attracts great people, and delivers great results. A company that has the power to connect without limitation.