Starting today, what are the key leadership behaviours you want to change or focus on? 

Mid 2018, one of the country's leading specialists on executive talent strategies, Simon Meyer, FutureYou CEO was invited to address his fellow members of the CEO Institute for their annual CEO Connect Conference. 

The theme for this year's conference was focused on the challenges Australia will be facing in its current reformatory climate and how its leaders should adapt to face them head-on. 

The usual Chatham House Rules were relaxed this year, allowing you a rare glimpse into the mindset of executive leadership in Australia today.

This video is a peek behind the curtain as Simon leads a half hour workshop, asking his colleagues to discuss and present their findings on what key leadership behaviours they know they need to change, or focus on, in the next three years for a better talent attraction, development and retention. 

Leadership behaviours to change

The responses are candid, sincere... and refreshing. Indicating that at least in this forum, Australian leaders understand that their leadership behaviours have room for improvement and they are more than inclined to adjust and improve. 

Collaboration, effective communication, energy and vision were some of the suggestions offered. Better, more responsive strategies, agility, courage, diversity and passion also featured highly on the list key elements that need developing. 

Resoundingly, the glue that bound all the responses was focused on culture.  

Please, enjoy the behind the scenes footage of the CEO Connect Conference's workshop on leadership behaviours. Note this is video is an edited version designed to cut straight to the responses of the members. 

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We would like to kindly thank the CEO Institue for allowing us to edit and present their footage of this portion of the event. 

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