Melbourne hosted its first instalment in the series, Inside Leadership – tales of grief, grit and growth, featuring the enigmatic Christine Corbett, senior executive from Australia Post, where she was most recently the interim CEO and Group Chief Customer.

The attending audience was an impressive mix of board members, senior executives and young leaders from across the industry spectrum, all eager to hear Christine to share her perspective on life and in leadership for one of the country’s biggest organisations. And Christine did not disappoint. The word ‘authenticity’ became one of the unofficial themes of the evening and, as you’ll see in the video, ‘enthusiasm’ for Christine Corbett became another.

Below is a transcribe of the video:

Be true to yourself

What is leadership all about?  I think it’s the behind the scenes story. I think you can read a hundred and one textbooks but I think, really, people want to know what it’s truly like. To know that there is no secret sauce, there is no magic formula, it really is just ‘test and try’ different things. But most importantly, be true to yourself. I think that’s what the audience wants to hear.

My favourite part is always the Q&A with the audience. I love the fact that so many people from so many different walks of life have come here this evening. It’s just great to not know what they’re going to ask and have to think on your feet. The questions were so diverse, it was wonderful.


The diversity of who you mix with is really important. I think it is very easy to gravitate to people that you know, people that look like you, sound like you, have had similar experiences to you… But the best way, I think, you can learn is put yourself in an environment that you know nothing about, to turn up to an event where you know no one and put yourself out there to meet someone different, who is not like you at all. I think that’s where you can really soak up the learning. It creates brand new networks and, in some cases, you know… brand new friends, which is amazing.

I think to get a hundred plus people of an evening, midweek, and from all walks of life is amazing. But what was fabulous about it, was that it was informal, it was casual, it was unscripted, it was just sort of just real. They’re the kind of events that I love and that I certainly gravitate toward.

Testimonials for Christine Corbett

An amazing event. Christine was probably one of the best event speakers that I’ve ever come across. She was engaging and I learnt a whole lot. Her manner and humbleness and just her approach to a lot of tough questions was very refreshing.  Borz Shahsavand, CEO at Sustain Group and Sustain Developments.

I think it’s been really well run. I mean, well done to FutureYou for putting this together. It’s great to see so many people here. It’s a great vibe in the room and I had a great time.  Treasure Jennings, Ombudsman at the Public Transport Ombudsman

Leadership in 2018 it’s all about authenticity; keeping it real and sharing your story. Not just what you do from a career perspective but holistically, who you are. Giving a little bit of your heart, your passion, your purpose, and today we’ve got that in spades. Simon Meyer, CEO FutureYou and moderator

I felt Christine was a real authentic leader and it was lovely to hear her share some of their stories. I thought it was a fantastic event and I would come again to this kind of an event. Ben Crosby, Group CTO Australia Post

There was just one moment that probably stood out a lot. There was a chairman asking Christine some very pointed and tricky questions. Christine took the tough question… answered it, and made everybody smile from the audience to the Board member. It was just how she did that, it was magnificent. James Shaw, Associate Partner Search, FutureYou.

You know I think for me, listening to Christine talk about how she wanted to balance some of the personal side of her life as well as her corporate side, I think that’s really important. Not just for women but for everybody to remember that we have lives too and you can be successful and have a life. Treasure Jennings, Ombudsman at the Public Transport Ombudsman

FutureYou would like to extend our thanks to Christine Corbett for her uncompromising honesty and her willingness to share her personal story. Building people up is the benchmark for great leaders. Thank you, Christine, for the reminder.

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