What are the biggest challenges facing the tech space today and what solutions can you provide to the professionals and organisations involved?

One of the biggest challenges – and opportunities – facing technology teams today is not necessarily technology itself, it’s more the changing culture of how Technology sits across a business. More and more tech teams are having to shift their thinking to better understanding their role as solvers of business objectives and revenue growers as opposed to just keeping maintaining a status quo.  This can be quite tricky for leaders considering the array of options and the promises various technologies make.

It’s why this is probably the most significant factor in regards to talent in the tech space.

Whether you work in Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud security or software engineering, all good candidates need to be both technically adept and commercially pragmatic to know where roles and skills-bases are evolving; to know where the tech is heading and what’s needed.

I think the value of my experience is that as a true specialist with specific Technology-verticals experience, I don’t just present opportunities. I work with my contacts as a career counsellor so I can thoroughly understand their motivation, their abilities, and their attitude and provide a level of service that allows them to stay ahead of trends and flourish within a competitive environment. For the sake of both the candidate and the clients.

Another huge challenge the world over, and something that compels me to action, is attracting more women into Senior IT roles and developing more balanced leadership teams all the way down from board level.

What attracted Ashley Wakefield to FutureYou?

To lead and shape an innovative IT/Technology team that is specialised and passionate about delivering customised solutions for clients that will allow them to be competitive not only now but way into the future with the solutions that we have supplied (it’s in the name!).

What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?

I’m a huge fan of technology so I’m looking forward to staying on top of one of the most vibrant and competitive areas in the talent space. Getting the right people into significant roles can change the fortune of a company… I take that seriously. I want to go out there and push myself further and see what I am capable of.

So right now, for me, it’s to shape a specialist Technology team and work with like-minded individuals who want to be the best they can be. And last but not least; it helps a lot to work under a great founding team with an ambition to not only lead from the front but to be seen as Industry Leaders.

Ashley Wakefield will be focusing on the Business Intelligence and Analytics space and will be working with Marc Richardson to further build-out the wider practice in Victoria.

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