At a time of innovation and disruption across practically every commercial market, Steve Griggs’ arrival at FutureYou as Associate Partner in Engineering and Manufacturing, is something to celebrate. Beyond his combined recruitment and industry-side expertise in engineering and manufacturing, Steve possesses the sort of value-adding, customer-centric attitude that makes companies in the talent space vie for his attention.  We’re proud to announce that on this happy occasion, we prevailed. Steve Griggs is a most welcome addition to the FutureYou team in Melbourne on the eve of their second anniversary, no less.

Here are a few thoughts from Steve on the state of play as he sees it.

What are the biggest challenges in the construction and engineering space today, and what solutions can you provide to the professionals and organisations involved?

Recruitment, it’s not just understanding job seekers’ and employers’ needs, it’s about being able to offer them alternative solutions which they may not have previously considered. Australia has a vast manufacturing industry and using someone like me to assist in finding new employment can uncover for them an as yet unknown opportunity.

It’s extremely satisfying to build a relationship with a job seeker or employer and help them fulfil – or exceed their expectations of – their career or hiring aspirations. Job seekers can benefit from using a specialist like myself to open new doors, introduce and expand their professional networks and gain vital industry knowledge.

What attracted Steve Griggs to FutureYou?

For starters, the quality and level of high-performers within the business was a big draw card for me. I wanted to be in a thriving environment with high producers. And from what I’ve personally witnessed, FutureYou performs two to three times higher than most. I’m not new to the industry, so I know that no other company is doing these numbers per head.

I’ve also been very impressed with how transparent Joe Vize and Marc Richardson (leadership team, Melbourne) have been throughout the process. It gives me confidence in the leadership piece here and was definitely a deciding factor.

What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?

I didn’t want to do construction again, that’s too much of a comfort zone. I want to go out there and push myself further and see what I am capable of.

So right now, for me, it’s not so much about money. I’m looking to maximise my time in a business that I’m aligned to and happy with, that gives me all the best tools to operate with and doesn’t expect me to be in meetings all the time, thereby giving me the time to do my job properly – it’s part of FutureYou’s 80/20 rule, which is the time in market over internal meetings. It’s a great rule!

Last but not least, it helps immensely that Joe has a very strong background in the space that I’m looking to operate in.  At FutureYou I have a solid foundation to build on the existing knowledge and contacts to further develop an innovative A-team to start driving bigger and better results for the engineering and manufacturing industries

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