FutureYou recognises a number of exceptional consultants this month that have greatly contributed to the purposeful growth of FutureYou in market, including Melbourne-based Kylie Jasinski who has been promoted to the senior role of Partner – Property & Construction.

“Over the last two years we have built a business that is purpose and values led, and we have built a business of size and scale,” Simon Meyer, CEO and Founder of FutureYou said. “This has led to a number of consultants being officially recognised through the FutureYou promotional pathway for their contribution to clients, candidates and colleagues, as well as for their contribution to the business”.

Under the leadership of Kylie Jasinski, the Property & Construction practice in Melbourne has grown to a team of five highly experienced individuals who, over the past 16 months have built a formidable reputation as talent partners of the sector – the ‘go to’ experts in the specialised and fast-moving industry.

“The opportunity for personal and professional growth at FutureYou was a key factor in my decision to join the business – starting the practice from scratch, and now as a Partner being able to influence the strategic direction of FutureYou, has been an incredibly rewarding journey,” Kylie Jasinski said.

“As a team, we are not only known for our expertise in building and nurturing careers across the Property & Construction sector, but as a super boutique, we are also known for our ability to support our clients’ talent needs across their entire business,” she said.

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