We believe in this with such conviction, we made it one of our founding values.

It has a different meaning for everyone – which was a welcome challenge for our newly created Funsters Committee, who set about the mission of innovating what a work social club should be.

“We knew we didn’t want it to be an event at a bar with some booze and nibbles – we can do way better than that.” said self-appointed Funsters CEO, Chris Barr

“Funster’s purpose is to encourage people to experience new things, to get outside their comfort zone, create awesome memories and live in the moment.”

On Thursday, February 15 the inaugural Funsters social event kicked off at Rushcutters Bay Park.

Barr and his (also self-appointed) social club CFO, Irene Kennedy assembled the team after work for a spot of respectable kayaking and paddleboarding, and a totally ridiculous game of Bubble Soccer.

All in the name of good fun with lots of food and bev and the odd pooch or two in attendance.

The feedback was unanimous… Everyone is dead keen for the next one.

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