NBL Hall of Famer and Charity Bounce‘s Stand Tall Program Director, Cal Bruton has been working out of the spotlight for over a decade. As is the nature of volunteer work, those involved don’t do it for the recognition, they do it because they are driven by a guiding purpose that eclipses notoriety. Bruton is one such individual.

While he continues to achieve his primary objective of positively influencing his young charges without media hype, the ABC’s attention is testament to his personal ethics and shines a deserving spotlight on a grassroots organisation that’s helping thousands of kids from indigenous, migrant and refugee backgrounds through the pursuit of sports and community.

“He comes from a position that most of us boys come from. So we all look up to him as a huge role model.” 16 year old Dylan, member of Stand Tall.

An excerpt from the Feb 4 ABC News interview:

“It was in the remote Western Australian town of Halls Creek that Cal Bruton was left to deal with one of the most confronting situations he had ever experienced.

A 12-year-old who was due to take part in a basketball clinic with the NBL legend took his own life.

“It was the most devastating thing I had ever witnessed all my life,” says Bruton.

“I don’t feel that those kids had opportunities and as a result I felt I had to do something about it.”

Since that day more than ten years ago, Cal Bruton lives out his calling, sharing his own secrets of life success to Australia’s Indigenous kids.

The ABC News article is accompanied by the brief video featured here, highlighting the work and achievements of the Stand Tall program.

As avowed believers in a life built on values and purpose it should come as no surprise that we are massive advocates of Cal, Stand Tall, all the kids and families involved, and the entire scope of Bounce’s objective to create better futures through education, health, wellness and community.

We can’t impress on you any more enthusiastically to please, look into Bounce, see what they’re about for yourself and show them your support. Massive respect to Under Armor who yesterday officially announced their sponsorship of Bounce.

Although in its infancy, our involvement with Bounce via the FutureYou Foundation is starting to deliver some encouraging results.  The dedication and drive of the young people involved in Bounce is why this works. The energy they dedicate to the opportunity we offer through career mentoring, is humbling (we’re realising how much we take for granted). It’s inspiring and it’s deeply fulfilling for the mentors involved.  At the time of writing this, one of our mentees received a placement at Qantas. He landed this job, not us, and we’re so very proud of him.

Bounce is about giving these kids a fair go, a decent chance they’d otherwise not have to improve a less-than-ideal situation which they’ve inherited, through no fault of their own. Mentoring is the best way we can help. What can you do?

“I want to give them the ammunition they need to succeed — and it starts with education.”  Cal Bruton.

ABC interview

ABC Video

Charity Bounce website

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