​Reading about leadership is a foundation stone for today’s leaders, a seminal and ongoing action. However, it is only by putting these theories into practice that any real learning and growth can be had. For aspiring leaders, it is through seeing and hearing these stories that we can connect to the realities of leadership.

These are the stories FutureYou will share.

Advice has little traction without emotional connection. Connections forged when we relate to another’s challenges, when we understand the courage, fortitude and stamina required to overcome obstacles and when we recognise our own shortcomings – and strengths – because of the honesty of others. The shiny side of success is only a fraction of the whole story; the less engaging part for those of us striving toward it and the less edifying part for those of us seeking to emulate those we respect.

With nothing to be gained from half-truths about any person in a leadership role, Inside Leadership will expose the grittier side of both professional and personal triumph. It will dispel any lingering myth that all leaders are born and not bred, that all leaders are the same ‘type’ of people, and that there is any such thing as an easy or straight path to success.

The leaders selected for this first series of Inside Leadership deserve full credit for their candour and for the faith they have put in us to tell their personal stories. Together it is our hope that future leaders will be encouraged to find their own voices in the din, strengths in their weaknesses and compassion in difficulty, to become the type of leader that positively impacts the lives of those around them.

Inside Leadership #01 – Brett Spinks. MD Swarovski, Consumer Goods Business Aus/NZ.

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