A year ago in the very early stages of having set up FutureYou, I wrote an article called Mindfulness and Meaning, advocating the personal benefits of calm reflection over the holiday break.

It’s interesting to reflect on this article in terms of what I have seen across the Australian business community in the past 12 months.

When I wrote it in late 2016 it had been one of the busiest finishes to a year for almost a decade. Incredibly, 2017 has trumped 2016.

In fact, through my CEO network I can verify that we are experiencing a talent market akin to the peak periods in 2007 into early 2008.

On the face of it, that sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, when you dig under the surface the reality is that there has been upward pressure on ‘cadence’ in Australian business this year, with the C-Suite running faster and harder than ever before.

With all signs indicating that 2018 is going to be another fast and furious 12 months, you need to check in on your balance – on your personal ‘cadence’ – before you take off again in 2018.

Now is the perfect time to reflect and adjust your approach to ensure you have a sustainable rhythm for the year ahead.

I am currently working on some C-Suite mandates across Sydney and Melbourne and the common theme among individuals earning between a $400-700k base, is one of extreme exhaustion, both mentally and physically.

Too many senior executives have pushed themselves to the limit to achieve the outcomes expected of them in the past calendar year.

Yes, it is partly a result of this intense environment but it is also due to people not taking stock of where they are and finding a sustainable cadence.

You can only put the world around you ahead of your own needs for so long.

The flip side to what I’ve just described is a significant amount of senior executives making decisions around the viability of their current role, or assessment of a new opportunity, based upon alignment with their personal values and their personal purpose.

Interestingly, this group are in a totally different place in terms of energy, sustainable momentum and ultimately happiness in all aspects of life.

I believe a key reason is that they have discovered how to stop, think and evaluate the right career pathway based on purpose.

Regardless of what life throws at you – or because of it – you need a still point you can go to, mentally and physically. The Christmas and New Year break is a great time to find that stillness, that anchor in the intensity.

This season, have a great time with family and friends wherever you are but take some time to also focus on ‘You.

‘You’ will thank you as the fierce pace of 2018 takes off again!