We all want to perform at our best, but the stresses of work and life can sometimes can hinder our performance.

So we’ve constructed the Zone In series – a few short yoga hacks – to offer some well deserved performance-enhancing relief. These brief movements, as presented by FutureYou’s resident wellness adviser, Sol Walkling, can be easily performed at your desk or simply conducted on the floor at home or in the office.

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Sol Walkling
Founder, Body Mind Sol
BodyMindSol was established in 2010 with the mission to bring greater wellbeing to all our clients. Our team of senior facilitators offer movement, mindfulness and meditation Sydney-wide. We run a mind body studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool offering yoga, Pilates & more. Dedicated corporate programs and working with private clients at their homes or exclusive members-only locations like the RMYC are our forte. We thrive on creating strong programs and engagement. As you can see already, our clients come from all walks of life but have one common desire: to become more aware, aligned, strong and flexible – and not just in body.

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