Exploitation is thriving in the modern era. Over 40 million people are enduring the conditions of modern slavery; more people than which existed over the past centuries when slavery was legal. Australia alone has an estimated five thousand people living in slave like conditions. It is this shameful situation that inspired this event.

Governments can only do so much. CIPS mission is to both highlight the complexity of the issue and the role of business, especially the procurement and supply chain sectors, in assisting governmental efforts the world over to ending these deplorable actions. It takes insight, courage and diligence to ensure these professionals know exactly what is going on in their outsourced businesses and to be aware of the red flags, and what else they can do to ensure their companies act with integrity, morality and with ethics in regards to how profits are made.

One of the keynote speakers was Jenny Stanger, from the Salvation Army’s Freedom Project; ending modern slavery. Her knowledge and insight on the topic was as chilling as it was helpful, shinning a light on the complexities of the issue.  All the speakers were on point; with Westpac and KPMG adding the gravitas of major corporations backing these initiatives.

FutureYou and CIPS were proud to donate the evening’s proceedings to the Salvation Army’s Safe House.

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