FutureYou Executive Recruitment signs a permanent property deal at 360 Collins Street, that will accommodate expansive growth plans to double in size over the next 12 months.

“Having an equal focus on Sydney and Melbourne, and launching in the same year, has always been a key strategic decision for us. Whilst other firms have a satellite office, we place equal importance in both locations as it allows us a valuable helicopter view on the executive talent market.” Simon Meyer, founder and CEO of FutureYou said.

Over the last ten months FutureYou has enjoyed growth in their Melbourne operations to a team of 20 senior recruitment professionals, each with an exemplary track record of around eight years’ specialist experience, all joining from Melbourne’s most respected boutiques and global multinationals.

“The move is an exciting milestone in the FutureYou Melbourne journey from startup to Super Boutique, as our plans to become Australia’s leading talent partner unfold. Our new space in central Melbourne will comfortably allow growth to a team of 40.

“But our primary focus is building a team measured by quality of recruiters and based on customer-insight rather than headcount alone.”

“Our purpose, the power to connect without limitation, has been the driving force behind our rapid growth in Melbourne and in Sydney. We genuinely believe that by connecting great people across the market we are improving the talent position in Australia.

“We see recruitment is a by-product of what we do at FutureYou, not why we do it.”

Talking about FutureYou’s plans, Meyer attributes the purpose and values as fueling talent attraction and retention.

“We are a new proposition in market. Bringing together like-minded, mature and highly experienced individuals aligned on purpose and values, has enabled us to create an entrepreneurial workplace where we are building business leaders in our industry, not just recruiters. Many liken working at FutureYou to a practical MBA.”

“..we are building business leaders in our industry, not just recruiters.”

Meyer believes ‘challenging the status quo’ in recruitment is as much about colleagues as it is about how they engage with clients and candidates.

“The FutureYou value proposition seeks to support and nurture the very best future for our people – from our industry leading remuneration packages and transparent incentive models, through to our tailored learning and development frameworks, approach to flexible working, in-office health & wellness programs and how we give back through the FutureYou Foundation.”

Over the last decade, Meyer has seen the professional talent market in Melbourne become increasingly polarised with two distinct types of recruitment offering: the global multinationals at one end and the local boutiques at the other.

As a Super Boutique, FutureYou competes favourably with both – an Australian-based, Australian-centric recruitment firm that operates with the depth and expertise of a specialist boutique, but on a size and scale meaningful to the business community.

“Melbourne is a huge opportunity for FutureYou. What is resonating most with the business community is our customer-insight first approach to talent and local connections, combined with our unique strategic view of the Australian and international talent landscape,” Simon Meyer said.

Led by Melbourne-based FutureYou co-founders and equity partners, Joe Vize and Marc Richardson are building on loyalty in a local customer base. Through the Sydney-Melbourne connection the talent community in Melbourne, as in Sydney, benefits from the strategic oversight of the senior leadership group across both markets.

Sydney-based co-founders and equity partners including Richard Wynn, Emily Wilson and Corin Roberts commit equal time to connecting with clients and candidates face-to-face in both cities.

“The personal commitment of FutureYou’s leadership across Melbourne and Sydney translates in our approach to building long-term relationships with clients and candidates, which goes well beyond transactions,” Simon Meyer said.

“And Australia’s business community is recognising this with an overwhelmingly positive response.”

About FutureYou

FutureYou is an Australian executive recruitment Super Boutique challenging current recruitment industry thinking. Founded on the belief that there is a better way to connect outstanding talent with businesses across Australia, FutureYou bridges the gap between the global multinationals and local boutiques. By bringing together an exceptional team of recruitment professionals FutureYou provides clients and candidates with local expertise, depth of knowledge and specialisation without the constraints of traditional geographical borders or sector silos. Since launching in April 2016, FutureYou as enjoyed growth to a team of close to 100 consultants across a number of functional areas of expertise in Sydney and Melbourne.

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