The skills shortage is a global issue. The combination of advances in technology, digital connectivity, changes to traditional employment models, transition to a services and knowledge led economy and an ageing population are all contributing factors to what is being referred to as a ‘perfect storm’ in Australia for jobs and employment models over the coming years.  There are several trends we’re seeing: The continued rise in contract recruitment; employers being more willing to consider flexible working; talent moving across sectors and from corporate to SME/startup.

Contract working

Contract work has become normalised, it’s no longer the poor cousin to full time employment. What’s more, companies of all sizes and stages are increasingly recognising the power of contract employment. It addresses changing business needs in the short and longer term, leading to more opportunities for professionals making the transition.

This is also a trend we’re seeing among older employees in Australia. They want to remain in the workforce, but are in a position to pick and choose between flexible opportunities that enable them to add value.

Flexible working

Flexible working is an unmistakable trend we’re seeing driven by innovation in employment and a focus on work-life integration. There are countless ‘flexible’ examples that have been shared with me over the past few months. Talented mid to senior level executives given the flexibility to adjust away from fulltime hours to accommodate changes in life circumstances.

Cross sector talent movement

Today, recruiters are not only expected to support a specialist brief, but to also go beyond industries and locations to source that talent. For recruitment agencies specialising in a number of disciplines, the role of internal talent teams to work across sectors and disciplines is becoming increasingly important.

Australian businesses looking at every aspect of their operations to gain competitive advantage are actively pursuing talent beyond their sector and industry.

But it’s not only businesses that are wanting recruiters to challenge the status quo.  Candidates too are seeking opportunities to get a foot in the door of other sectors.  We are seeing cross-sector pollination of talent. Particularly in the financial services sector where candidates with a background in FMCG are highly sought after for their customer centric expertise.

Talent shift from corporate to SME and Startup

The growth of SMEs, along with the government’s fostering of entrepreneurs, has seen a new marketplace for executive talent unfold. Particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

An increasing number of senior candidates are actively seeking SME roles that enable them to move into an MD or CEO position where they can quite literally roll up their sleeves and draw on their collective years’ of experience to grow a business from the ground up.

The employment landscape is changing dramatically, for numerous reasons, and with all change comes some apprehension. We’re seeing and working on the tip of this slow moving iceberg everyday. It’s thrilling, and it’s inspiring to see great talent being leveraged in new ways where they are able to continue to add value to both business communities and the economy.

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