“Over the past 20 years CEOs have witnessed tremendous upheavals as a result of globalisation and technological change.

In PWC’s 20th CEO Survey, nearly 1,400 CEOs share their views on the impact of these forces on growth, talent, trust and society.”

In the short video on the linked below, PwC’s global chairman Bob Moritz, reflects on today’s inflection point. For leaders it’s now time to both raise and communicate the role of business in society and the positive impact it can have.

PWC asks the 1,400 CEOs for their views on:

  • Growth and competition

  • Human V Tech

  • Digital trust

  • Globalisation for all

There’s a dynamic wealth of data on Growth & Competition, and Globalisation and Tech.

Including: Nearly 30% of CEOs expect global economic growth will continue to improve, with over 50% believing it will remain relatively steady. 85% are either somewhat confident or very confident that their company will experience revenue growth over the next 12 months, with 92% experiencing the same level of confidence over the next three year period. Unsurprisingly innovation ranks as the area most want to strengthen to capitalise on new opportunities, followed by human capital and their digital and technical capabilities.

For the video address by Mortiz, the CEOs’ views, the dynamic data and the full download of 20 years inside the mind of the CEO, go here 

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