Because a better you betters you.

We want you to be at your best, so we’ve constructed the Zone In series to help you release the daily stresses of our modern working lives and enhance your performance.  These brief movements, as presented and designed by FutureYou’s resident wellness guru, Sol Walkling, can be easily performed at your desk or simply conducted on the floor at home or in the office, if that’s something you’re comfortable doing.

Shoulder release

Sitting at your desk all day or driving around for work means your neck and shoulder girdle is in a tense position all day. You may have become so accustomed to the tension you don’t even notice how adversely it can affect you.

The tension in the shoulder girdle can be shifted with gentle movements, increasing blood flow, awareness and mobility in this area.

As you perform our shoulder release, take deep and full breaths up high into your shoulder girdle to draw your awareness here. The resulting expansion in the ribs and shoulders will also help you ease tension very naturally and without strain.

It is important you move without straining and listen to your body. As the tissue warms and benefits from the increased blood flow, you may experience an increased range of motion.

Further, you can enhance the benefits of the shoulder release for your nervous system by exhaling through the mouth and relaxing into the exhale. Link your breaths to these natural movement, i.e. lifting and expanding limbs/ ribs/ spine with your inhale, and gently settling and relaxing into the exhale. Draw the belly in and place your awareness downwards, this will help bring you into a parasympathetic nervous system state.

This means you go from fight or flight into rest and digest mode.

Adding stronger and more generous movements like the twist at the end will help you become more aware of imbalances in your body, in particular between left and right side. We also start shifting your awareness towards mid back and lower back a little more by stretching sideways and rotating; helping you free up tension further down your back and perhaps linked to shoulder tension.

Regularly practicing these releases will help you be more aware of your posture as you sit at your desk.

It will help you notice and release tension before it becomes an issue and too painful. You may also start breathing more freely and therefore be able to keep your focus for longer and perform better mentally.

Tension and pain in the body results in a lack of focus and mental clarity. The more you start creating awareness around your posture at work as well as your need to move your body occasionally rather than sitting still for long periods of time unnaturally, the more comfortable and at ease you will be in your body and the more productive you will be. That’s a win for everyone.

Easeful body = peaceful mind.

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Sol Walkling
Founder, Body Mind Sol

BodyMindSol was established in 2010 with the mission to bring greater wellbeing to all our clients. Our team of senior facilitators offer movement, mindfulness and meditation Sydney-wide. We run a mind body studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool offering yoga, Pilates & more. Dedicated corporate programs and working with private clients at their homes or exclusive members-only locations like the RMYC are our forte. We thrive on creating strong programs and engagement. As you can see already, our clients come from all walks of life but have one common desire: to become more aware, aligned, strong and flexible – and not just in body.