How to network efficiently, how to edit your existing networks, and adding value to your own professional circles were the key themes at this month’s  Executive HR keynote series; a presentation that evolved into a compelling workshop as the guest speaker turned insights into actions.

Renown author and leadership coach Janine Garner offered these insights and actions from her latest book, It’s Who You Know; a quick compelling read on the importance of honing your networking skills to suit today’s business world.

The appreciative guests may well have been from HR practices, but Janine’s message, much like the art of networking, echoed beyond the confines of any singular professional discipline.

In a succinct, powerful presentation Janine Garner underscored the differences between traditional, ‘transactional’ networking – the swapping of business cards at professional gatherings – and the laser focused productivity of mobilising a select few from your network to support you, your career and your business goals. Mutually and reciprocally.

Challenges were acknowledged, life hacks were offered and amusements were shared as Janine graciously deconstructed the basic elements of who you need in your corner, why you need them, and advised guests on how best to get there. It was a fantastic presentation.

A life affirming, career enhancing hour of actionable insights from a world renown leadership professional. Another standout installment in FutureYou’s Keynote Series.

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