We are thrilled to be named The Rising Star at the 2017 Recruitment International Awards held in Sydney last night.

Since our launch in April 2016, FutureYou has been on an amazing journey, from startup to super boutique. The Rising Star award recognises all that we have achieved and the positive impact we have had on the executive recruitment marketplace; on our clients, our candidates, our industry peers, and seeing the personal growth of some outstanding individuals at FutureYou.

FutureYou has grown organically from a seed of an idea shared in a coffee shop to a team of close to 100 exceptional people across Sydney and Melbourne, all united by purpose and values.

Our purpose, the power to connect without limitation, and our values, have been a driving force behind our rapid growth in market. We genuinely believe that by connecting great people across the market we are improving the talent position in both Sydney and Melbourne. Recruitment is a by-product of what we do at FutureYou, not why we do it.

After 25 years in recruitment I could not be more passionate about our industry and what we have accomplished as a team in such a short time.

Thank you to Recruitment International for the recognition of our hard work and for hosting an awesome night.

We would be honoured to have you join us on our journey. Please click here for more inspiration and motivation from FutureYou on our LinkedIn page.

About the Rising Star award 

This award considers companies that have been operating for fewer than three years; that have had a major and immediate impact on the marketplace; that have innovated, and what exactly it is that they have achieved that has catapulted them to stardom.

About the awards

The Recruitment International industry awards recognise innovation and best practice in the recruitment industry. The awards are judged by a panel of independent, international industry experts. The Recruitment Industry awards program originated in the United Kingdom, but is now contested all over the world including Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the US.

Rising Stars L-R: Marc Richardson, Kevin Richardson, Sharon Lewis, Meyer, Emily Wilson, Richard Wynn, Kylie Jasinski, Joe Vize, Aisling Walsh, Janina Loch