If you’ve been considering making a move into the contracting market, you’re far from alone. In fact, you’re one of a growing number of Executives in Australia actively seeking contract roles. What’s more, companies of all sizes and stages are increasingly recognising the power of contract employment to address changing business needs – leading to more opportunities for professionals making the transition.

Here are 5 reasons why professionals are making the switch:

1. Greater depth of experience

Many professionals see contracting as a way to build a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience not possible in permanent roles – across sectors, industries, and locations.

Contracting is also a common means to ‘get a foot in the door’ and gain experience with high profile local and international organisations.

Now, as more the norm rather than the exception, there is zero stigma attached to stating ‘contract work’ on a resume. It doesn’t raise the eyebrows of a recruiter or employer as it once did, particularly if the contractor is a domain specialist with a highly sought-after skill set and solid references.

2. Access to more interesting work

As a general rule, contractors get the opportunity to take on more interesting work such as change projects including culture, processes and systems, transformations and strategy implementation.

In addition to a growing number of ‘career contractors’, we’re also finding that senior professionals who were once only interested in permanent employment are now keeping their options open because of the tantalising nature of the work on offer. The opportunity to work on diverse projects can also improve your future employability leading to even more and varied opportunities.

3. A constantly changing work environment

If experience working in a number of different organisations in different sectors and locations is appealing, then life as a career contractor is definitely for you.

Aside from the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, for many contractors the prospect of working for an equally varied number of employers is also part of contracting’s charm.

The ability of executive contractors to hit the ground running with minimal on-boarding time and adapt to new corporate environments with ease is one of the key reasons why organisations choose to employ contractors for certain projects.

4. Paid a premium

Often described by professionals as ‘lucrative’, contract workers on average can earn significantly more than their permanent work counterparts.

As a contractor, you are paid well and paid for the hours you work. However, with higher rewards come higher risks – there is inherent unpredictability moving from one role to the next so as a contractor you need to be prepared for that, especially when you start out.

 5. Greater flexibility

If not for love of the work nor money, it’s flexibility that attracts most executives to contract work.

One of the key benefits of contract work highlighted by professionals is the ability to pick and choose between assignments and when to take up assignments. Others cite better work-life balance as a key motivator, with more time to pursue activities outside of work.

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