I just returned from an amazing two weeks skiing in Telluride, Colorado. I love skiing, for many reasons, but in particular, I enjoy meeting interesting people from around the world with a shared passion for the powder and laying fresh tracks. The daily opportunity to put your own unique signature on the mountain before anyone else.

Aside from a high-perch search for untouched powder, the chairlift also offers a chance to connect with different people and cover all sorts of topics. Where are you from? Where are you staying? Wow, love your skis! Which is your favourite run? Where’s the best place to eat or drink? And my favourite headhunter question… what do you do?

It’s refreshing how open people are on the chairlift ride. My theory about this openness is that because we’re on the chair surrounded by the beauty and thrill of snow covered mountains with one shared intention, we are in the moment.

When we are without the distractions or demands of daily life, including our smartphones and various screen devices, real human communication kicks back in. (Side note: Why can’t all commutes be like this?!)

Of particular note on this trip for me though was the remarkable number of people who are managing to combine their passion with their career.

There were three chairlift stories in particular that got my attention. The snow-loving graphic designer who packed it in to become a ski instructor and then became a graphic designer for a ski company! The food-loving elephant keeper at a zoo who is now head chef of the top-hatted restaurant in town! And the eco-aware New York investment banker who totally flipped the script and started growing organic vegetables, who has now taken his business online to huge success!

For me, these stories are like fresh tracks on the mountain for a career path.

The clear and uniting theme is about following individual passions to a less obvious career path. It’s about a conviction, or a belief-in-self, to pursue that path less trodden toward your own true happiness.

The result? The ability to live in the moment by combining work and passion, every day. Yes, the old adage is true and yes, it’s inspirational stuff! It was the perfect look-in-the-mirror moment for me and everything we are doing at FutureYou. I saw my passion. I saw the opportunity to create fresh tracks ahead.

Enjoying an open discussion, being in the moment, and following your passions; I believe these things are worth reflecting on in terms of your daily routine, what you want out of this one life, and of course what you are doing on your career front.

Are you finding fresh tracks this year?

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