Australia is in quite a unique position when it comes to holiday breaks. Unlike the northern hemisphere and their two half-yearly breaks, Australia only gets the one extended break. Our summer coincides with the Christmas break, so we get no downtime mid-year.

On the plus side, it means we get a longer break. But on the downside, it means that by the time we get there we’re so bloody tired we switch off completely. We zone out. So we’re not really using the break to its full potential; as a time to recharge, re-energise, and possibly redirect what we want to do on the career front in the new year.

This has been one of the busiest run-ups to Christmas I’ve seen in years, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

It’s been over a decade since things have been this good in the executive talent space.

There is a lot of change and along with the opportunity this entails comes an equal amount of frustration. ‘Being in the moment’ and ‘mindfulness’ are the life management skills carrying the executive market through these challenges and into a better future. Mindfulness has transcended trends. 

People achieve their own mindful state in different ways. For some it’s through marathons, meditation or yoga, for others it’s focusing on their business or their family.

The common denominator is that successful business people harness the power of mindfulness to navigate themselves to the next point in their career.

With all this in mind, perhaps the best advice I could offer is to approach our unique Australian holiday period this year with a different tact. With mindfulness. 

We all need a break, but avoid switching off completely. Rather, give some oxygen to those career-orientated thoughts at the back of your mind – bring them forward. After you’ve incubated some ideas share them, bounce them around.

The people who are going to help us most are those who know us best. Family friends, childhood friends, friends you’ve known for years who have nothing to do with your work but who know you well and have your best interests at heart.

Get to the end of a really good bottle of wine or a big pot of green tea with that friend. Talk it through over dinner, have them stay over, go for breakfast the next day. Spend time connecting with yourself  and others exploring your ideas, turning them inside out, giving them the energy and momentum they need to give you the clarity you need for the year ahead.

Enjoy the festive season but be sure to use that break to full effect. When you’re in that mindful mindset my hope is that it will turn into the career breakthrough you deserve.

All the best,

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