Today marks an exciting milestone for FutureYou as we officially introduce FutureYou Executive Recruitment in Melbourne.

Although we’ve not had a physical ‘bricks and mortar’ presence in Melbourne until now, our clients and executive talent connections in Melbourne have been central to the FutureYou story in Australia and to our ambitious plan from day one: to launch FutureYou across both the Sydney and Melbourne markets in our start-up year.

Our move into Melbourne has been one met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the business community in Victoria.  Like many of the executives we have built strong relationships with over the last decade, we believe the Sydney-Melbourne connection is vital for business and it is why our leadership team commits equal time to connect with clients and the senior talent community face-to-face in both cities.

‘…the Sydney-Melbourne connection is vital for business…’

With FutureYou being founded on the belief that there is a better way to connect outstanding talent with local businesses, it’s no surprise that what is resonating most with senior professionals is our strategic view of both the Melbourne and Sydney markets, combined with specialist local capabilities.

Contrary to what some talent providers in Australia would have you believe, executive recruitment is about relationships, not postcodes.  Together, Sydney and Melbourne account for approximately 75 percent of the total recruitment market in Australia.  By considering these markets separately, you have a very narrow view of talent and opportunities, but when you consider these markets as one, it’s an altogether more compelling proposition that’s engaging business leaders.

‘…executive recruitment is about relationships, not postcodes.’

Our plans in Melbourne are as ambitious as those in Sydney, as we set out to build a recruitment team of more than 40 specialist consultants on the ground in Melbourne in coming months to complement the powerhouse of talent based in Sydney.

For recruiters who are rethinking recruitment like we are, FutureYou is a rare opportunity to create a new chapter in the Australian recruitment industry.  We’re not only rethinking how we connect Australian businesses with exceptional talent, but also the culture of recruitment.  It is our culture and aligned values that have been key to both attracting the industry’s best recruitment consultants, but also clients and executives seeking a career change.

‘We’re not only rethinking how we connect Australian businesses with exceptional talent, but also the culture of recruitment.’

Leading FutureYou across Sydney and Melbourne is arguably the most effective leadership team in our industry; market experts with specialist cross-discipline insight, and a powerful network of executive and business connections across Australia.  As equity partners in FutureYou, the personal commitment of the leadership team also translates into our approach to building long-term relationships with clients and candidates, which goes well beyond transactions.

While we focus on a number of practice groups at FutureYou, our consultants are industry and discipline experts that collaborate to ensure businesses have access to the very best talent, regardless of their location or background.

Today, our practice groups across Sydney and Melbourne include Sales, Marketing, Retail, Digital, Technology, Project Services & Change Management, Hospitality & Leisure, Property & Construction, Procurement & Supply Chain, Technical Operations, Finance & Accounting, Office Support, Legal & Compliance, and Human Resources.

In Melbourne, we are continuing a conversation that has inspired Australian businesses to rethink their approach to recruitment too, and we’d like to thank our client partners who have been instrumental in the FutureYou journey so far.

If you’re interested in talking about industry trends, recruiting for a specific role, talent pipeline options or confidentially about a career move, we look forward to speaking with you.

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