Each week the same familiar faces are doing the 48 to 72hr round trip from Sydney to Melbourne and vice versa. Why? We understand the power of connection.

In business, many still regard Sydney and Melbourne as two independent markets. In recruitment, if you consider these markets separately, you have a very narrow view of the market opportunity. Thinking of them as one is an altogether more compelling proposition with a talent market that’s equivalent to the Tri-State Area New York or South East UK, Greater London.

In fact, many executives spend equal time across both markets with just as many connections in Sydney as in Melbourne, recognising that these vastly different cities are a powerhouse for shared talent and innovation. And arguably, success can only be realised by walking the pavement and regularly making those face to face connections.

‘0600 flying Sydney to Melbourne is now boarding’

Aside from the valuable interactions when you reach your destination, the journey can be equally rewarding. I’ve met some of the most interesting people I now call clients and friends while in transit.

So for those of you who reach for technology rather than for a coffee or a plane ticket, try stepping out from behind your desk and open yourself up to an entirely new perspective on business and life. The most successful people in business make a point of travelling and meeting as many people as they can. Richard Branson says he has come by some of the best suggestions and ideas for his business by getting out there.

3 reasons to travel in business:


Technology may have made it easier to get in contact with people but it hasn’t replaced the real connections we make when we communicate in person. We’re naturally more receptive, empathetic and likely to do business with people we meet face to face.


The more we travel the more people we meet – in the business lounge, on the plane, at the hotel. By getting out from behind our desks we open up the possibilities of meeting potential new clients, colleagues and associates.


By stepping out of the office we almost certainly gain a new perspective on the day to day of business. Time and distance opens the door to objectivity and new thinking.


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