According to research released by LinkedIn this week, 95 per cent of us would prefer a bigger salary to company perks.  And of the places where Australians wants to work, professional services firm KPMG was named Australia’s ‘top talent attractor’, followed by PwC, Commonwealth Bank, Coles, Deloitte, Westpac, Qantas, Lion, UGL and CPB rounding out the top 10.

The research highlighted the top five factors Australian professionals take into account when considering a new company including competitive salary, opportunity for growth, health of the business, length of commute and whether they like their potential boss.

Although a competitive salary is always a key factor in talent decisions, at the executive end of the market there is growing number of senior professionals considering an altogether different path where neither salary nor perks in the traditional sense are what’s enticing executives to make a switch from large corporate to SME.

‘…a new marketplace for executive talent unfolding…’

The growth of SME opportunities, reinforced by the government’s efforts to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in Australian business has seen a new marketplace for executive talent unfolding, particularly in the Sydney and Melbourne markets.

An increasing number of senior candidates are actively seeking SME roles that enable them to move into a MD or CEO position, where they can quite literally roll up their sleeves and draw on their collective years of experience to grow a business from the ground up.

You can read more about the LinkedIn report here and view my conversation with Carson Scott on Sky News Business from earlier in the month talking about the executive talent shift and SME career opportunity.

Did your employer make it into LinkedIn top 25?  Are you one of the growing number of Australian executives considering a SME career move?