In the executive recruitment industry, we are in a privileged position to be working with some of the most talented and inspiring individuals in the business community both locally and globally.

It was a conversation with a couple of influential individuals that became the catalyst for rethinking how the recruitment industry connects senior professionals with businesses throughout Australia.

Could we combine the best of what local boutique recruitment agencies and the multinationals have to offer but without the inherent limitations of either? Could we be a Super Boutique?

That simple question set off a domino effect like a chain reaction that has brought together some of the best minds from the recruitment industry and senior business leaders from a number of key sectors to be where we are today: introducing FutureYou.

At FutureYou we’re rethinking recruitment. We’re not reinventing or re-engineering the industry, but we do believe there’s a better way. We know by bringing together an exceptional team of recruitment specialists with a deep sector and market insight – and providing local expertise on a size and scale currently not offered in Australia – we’re able to make a real difference in the Australian business community.

2016 is our start-up year and one that will see the FutureYou team embark on the journey to grow to more than 100 specialist consultants in Sydney and Melbourne, and we’re well on our way to building the team across a number of functional areas of expertise.

At the heart of our growth strategy is cultural fit. We know first hand the power of an organisation’s culture. We want our consultants to aspire to the same values and are passionate about rethinking recruitment too.

Leading the way, is arguably the most credentialed senior leadership group in our industry; highly sought after market experts with specialist cross-discipline insight and a powerful network of executive and business connections. Together, they have been responsible for successfully guiding the careers and recruitment strategies of Australia’s most respected executives and brands.

While we focus on a number of practice groups at FutureYou, our consultants are industry and discipline experts that collaborate to ensure businesses have access to the very best talent, regardless of their location or background.

Today, our practice groups include Sales, Marketing, Retail, Digital, Technology, Project Services & Change Management, Property & Construction, Procurement & Supply Chain, Technical Operations, Finance & Accounting, Office Support, Legal & Compliance and Human Resources.

At FutureYou we’ve started a conversation that has inspired Australian businesses to rethink their approach to recruitment too, and we’d like to thank our client partners who have been instrumental in FutureYou journey so far.

If you’re interested in talking about industry trends or salary expectations, recruiting for a specific role, talent pipeline options or confidentially about a career move, we look forward to speaking with you.

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Simon Meyer | CEO & Founder |